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I asked about founder status and got this


I asked this


@Cookiedood2: @ATVIAssist if people don't renew will they lose their founder status? or just their premium privelages? #mw3 #codelite


And got this


@ATVIAssist: @Cookiedood2 There is no way to renew since we have ceased sales. All content is yours to keep. No details on Founders status. ^MS


I replied this


@Cookiedood2: @ATVIAssist no way to renew? what will happen if I don't click the cancel automatic renewal button in this pic? ( I added screenshot from subscription in account management)


And got this reply


@ATVIAssist: @Cookiedood2 I would suggest that you cancel auto renewal until you get more info about the ELiTE integration with BO2. Should be soon ^JH



Also you do have a free month it's till December but the ps3 isn't showing it still says nov but that's upto Sony apparently but we do have it

And I know I won't lose my founder status don't worry :p