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$ection18 are looking for active players


I'll start by saying $eciton18 is a Xbox clan that is based in the uk, but the doors will be open to any active player that is willing to play as part of a team and help us to continue to hit the top 5 in clan ops, also to help us get off to a good start in Black ops 2.


We don't want players that are only after titles, we want players that want to be a part of a successfull clan long term. Anyone intrested will have to spend time in our $ection18 shadows (a more relaxed clan where players can play at their own pace) so they can show us how active they are. If you prove you are what we are looking you will get the invite to $ection18 which is the more competivite clan. A high KDR is not required but the ability to work in a team and communicate is. Also it would help if you was 18+ (or a mature teen) as most of our memebers are 20+.


If you are intrested or just want to see what we are about join our facebook group/page which is $ection18_xbl.