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I have had numerous issues with new webpage..


  • Unable to untrack players...either through managing the clan or under my own player page.. it gives the illusion is removing them but it never does. Same goes when you go to their page and unfollow...It has me stuck at 20 and I cant add ppl i want to track cause i cant remove those i want to remove
  • Unable to removed clan members... tried numerous ways... data doesnt show.. and it wont let you remove anyone
  • Shows you sent a clan invite but it never actually sends it..its never received



are there any fixes to this out there that i'm not aware of?

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    Does it do this on ps3 elite app even after the recommended install of 1.01a few week ago?

    It all works fine for me on there

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      what do you mean by app? Im using the elite webpage... i'm up todate on my ps3.. the app for andriod phones dont let you do anything outside seeing your own stats.. at least here in canada.. ive tried with both internet exporer and firefox