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Looking for players in the midwest US to play with


Hey so I'm looking for a group of guys to play with on MW3 and BO2 when it comes out. I'm looking for people who live in Indiana or the surrounding States because I get terrible connection when I play in parties from the other side of the country. My reason for this post is that I'm a really solid COD player, but I get matched up on bad teams more than half the time. If there is a local group of players out their looking for another player for the XBOX 360, my gamertag is Stiffy3109. Hit me up with a message before hand let me know your from the forums. Here are some facts about me.



-my K/D is 1.73, TDM is 1.86 more or less


-I'm 22, so i'd like to play with people around my age group, 17+ that's at least somewhat mature.


-Though I am competitive, I don't give my teammates a hard time and I wish for the same in return.


-I'm a team player,  objective player, and I play the game the right way.