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WANTED: USA CAN players on PS3 Aged 25+ (MoGZ)

The MoGZ of War is a clan on ps3 for players of MW3 Black Ops2 BF3 and MoH Warfghter.


Must have Mic, and be aged 25+ play for the team, PTFO, want to win but have fun also.


All background / skills welcome.


MoGZ - Mature GamerZ - we have a strong group of EU UK players and need to build our USA CAN division.


We have 5-10 USA players currently active, we need more and particularly people to pull together the members we get and help the clan form and grow.


Currently around 45 active members (2 months old) - some great people and great players, but KD is not important, any player can help a team win with good comms and teamwork.


mogzclan for videos.


Typical game - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt_6VGsSqxc&feature=player_embedded


Cussing allowed but otherwise be decent !