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Stalker + Focus = money.


I have been using these two together for awhile now and I know a lot of you guys do to but holy ballzzz it is like being Megatron or something.  I guarantee that my enemies think I am lagging, hacking etc. when we both shoot at the same time and I win over and over.  He lands a shot but I stay on target and get one back which causes him to flinch, coupled with fast ads movement his next bullets miss and I win the fight.  If you dont run these two together you are missing out big time. 


I think that Focus is more powerfull then Stalker and when using Focus you almost dont even need stalker but for multiple enemies it makes a difference.  A huge majority of the time when I die I see the other players using Kick which cracks me up.  If you need kick then you need to re-evaluate your "R1 finger" haa..   I use the G36, AK, and CM901 without kick and then I see a majority of players who use the ACR still put kick on it and it makes me stratch my head. 


I dont use focus on my smg's due to using range and usualy hip firing but I think I will start running it there as well to see how that goes. 

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    I'd imagine it to be more helpful when playing CORE rather than HC. 

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    Yaa good point.  I never play HC so focus makes a huge difference.  Impact would probably be much more usefull in HC. 

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    Interesting. I usually run steady aim pro on all my classes except sniper. I will take your recommendation and give it a whirl. Makes sense how the two would interact.

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    why steady aim? i find it so useless :/ .. i never used that unless to put it Pro.. lol i dont know i move so slow if i dont play with Stalker..

    yeah i know it stays fast with SMG but with SMGs i use Sit Rep, DeadSilence or Stalker but never used steady aim :/ people be using that to spray all over the place lol..


    but back to topic .. have you tried MK14 with Silencer + Focus + Stalker ? Its beasttt !!!

    took out my first moab with that long time ago lol.. i love Focus i use it when im running on Specialist.. it works good when your not lagging tho..

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      MMm ok so i thought i would give this idea a whirl.


      My set up was P90 (focus/silencer)


      Kill confirmed (fave game)

      slight of hand


      steady aim (aim/shoot faster after sprinting)


      map was parish, never played it before


      18 kills, 8 deaths, top player in whole match for k/d ratio and most points captured




      Usually when i come face to face with someone, they shoot me first and i cant fire back, now with focus i just aim and shoot them dead.


      At one point it felt like i was cheating as i kept winning 1 on 1 fights


      Amazzzzing and big thanks for giving me this idea as never really bothered with focus but now for "rushing" tactics its awesome.

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    Its pretty amazing.  I know I hear a lot of WTF over the mic when I beat people because they cant run without using kick so my shots knock them off target while I stay on.  It takes some getting used to with long range shots using the AR's for sure.  You cant just hold the trigger down and shoot a laser beam.

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      Yep your right there. its funny but mw3 keeps me coming back with new things to try that i never have before and you think wow thats awesome.


      I now drop a Tactical insertion in a corridor and C4 on a wall or ceiling and when i hear "They destroyed your TI" i go... click.. boom! +1 kill.


      My problem was when i faced someone depending on the lag etc i would always come out 2nd best sometimes even with shotgun after firing 1st.


      Now with focus i can keep shooting when hit and turn the tables. Sure, if someone pumps you full of lead your dead anyway, but focus gives you that edge :-)

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    stalker, quick draw, and sleigh of hand are now my go to perks

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    When I'm not using attachments, I almost always run focus. That being said, with a 0.79 KD the "money" you stumbled across doesn't seem to be helping you too much. The WTFs you hear probably has more to do with the fact the kid who's extremely negative killed them and less to do with your set up

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      if you really judge players by their k/d then your probably one of those player's saying WTF or noob whenever you die lol. anyway i think stalker + focus is a good idea i tend to use attachments tho

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        I don't judge players based on KD, but when you come on the forums preaching of this beast class set up, and you cant pull a positive KD, kind of discredits your opinion.


        I run Stalker+Focus on my ACR class a fair bit of the time, and its a solid class set up, no question, but comparing yourself to megatron after using this set up and having a 0.79 KD is a bit of an over exaggeration

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          WTF is your problem there guy?  I guess not all of us spawn trap in an objective mode while completely ignoring the objective to pad our stats.  I only play domination and have 20,000 caps.  Probably more dom caps then you have confirms which is pretty pathetic considering your the top KC and one of the all time best  players in the world.  I just love when you post up your videos so I can learn from them.  I really liked the one on Village where you head glitched the wall with your T95.  You know the one coming out of the cave?  The enemy team was spawing on C and every time one of them would try to break the spawn you mowed them down with your T95 from behind the wall and were nice enough to leave the tags there so their teammates would go to pick them up.  Or try to pick them up cuz your a tricky guy and would shoot them too.  That was pure talent and made me wish that I was as talented as you at a video game.


          If I remember right the only time I played with you I out pointed you in every single match  which I am sure is just a reflection of how beastly of a player you are.  I remember you cried like a little girl on interchange because you kept setting up for a spawn trap on A, laying in the weeds by the far tunnel and the spawns kept flipping so you actually had to move around. 


          Guarantee if I was as good at playing objective modes without playing the objective as you are it wouldnt be as low.  Then again myself and anyone else "not worthy of Drew's greatness" can only dream of being as good as you and hope that someday we can acheive the greatness and level of arrogance that you have.


          Oh on a side note whats your kdr?  1.4 if I remeber correctly which is fairly pathetic for someone who runs his mouth like hes amazing, spawn traps and never plays the objective.

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            1) 53k or so confirms...more than your Dom caps


            2) I actually headglitch a car on village, and it's typically with a MK14. Clearly your extremely observant


            3) I remember playing with you once. Sml and I came across you in Dom on Hardhat, where I dropped 80 kills on you. I never remember playing interchange with you, but I would imagine I was ******** if someone was flipping the spawns.


            4) Honestly, how much higher? I'd guess barely one even if you tried to kill whore. Someone like monkeylord can make that comment because he's got a relatively decent KD and plays the objective. Some people aren't good at killing, my point is dont preach about a money set up when your KD is severely negative


            5) My KD is a 1.53. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. Saying I have a bad KD when you can't pull anywhere near a 1 is like Rosie ODonnell calling someone fat.


            You don't like what I have to say? Don't come on here telling stories about how you make people rage with a certain class set up, when its blatantly obvious you dont. At least I have semi decent stats to back up my arrogance, you don't.

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              Hmm....I think you should change your tags to DBL14 and dlund14 it would be much more fitting of your mentality.....you cant really be 28 can you?  If so then dont worry you will grow up, have kids and worry about video game statistics less some day.  Now I will try to respond to all of the diahrea you have spouted out of your fingers.


              Beasting........or a bestly, godly, bad ass set up or as I said like megatron or "money" is all in the eye of the player.  If someone generally goes 2-30 and then tries something different and they go 20-30 that is a pretty signifigant or "money"  "beastly" change for them regardless what the online gaming world considers good.  Or more over someone whos as amazing as you are.  Same as someone who is usually 36-8 changing it up to something that is better.


              Next.....You said I came on the forum "preaching" .  I did not jump someone elses thread telling them how much better I was or how shitt they were or how they sucked if they didnt use a certain set up. Nor did I come in another thread telling someone they werent "good enough" to post the thread that they did.   I only made a thread stating that the two worked well together and why they did.... and that if people hadnt tried it that they should.   Out of that a few guys did try it  and said "hey thanks I am glad I tried that"........ and one douchebag trolled the thread over a stat that means nothing to most grown men........ due to his ass being chapped that he was called out for sticking up for a forum spammer awhile ago.


              Next...... I do remember the game I first ran into you and sml.  He was/is a super super very good and nice guy and I truely hope he is doing well in Korea.........Actually it surprises me that someone of his quality would play with a douche like you even once but....I do remeber you guys destroying me and the group of randoms I was playing with.  You actually did probably have close to 80 so I give you that........  Although I am sure I did not die 80 times....thats just a guess.  I probably got my ass kicked trying to cap flags while my teammates hid like randoms often do.  That happens a lot.....Wait that cannot happen to you because you never play alone and do not worry about objectives which allows you to not die as much.....even if dying is no factor to who wins or loses.


              All and all I am surprised that someone whom I had played with would "troll" a pointless, random, thread and I will be sure to send any thread I  am thinking of starting via PM to you so you can let me know if I am worthy of posting it.  I would hate to post something that you do not feel is worthy due to my statistics.

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                I'm 22. 28 was my number in college baseball. 14 is a bit off for my age, but good try


                Sml and I played together because he complimented my faults and him and I generally got along well with common interests.


                I didn't care to read the rest of the wall of text but feel free to PM me

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    I've used this for quite some time, I use it for when I need to get through a golden gun fast, usually for SMG's and AR's. But not so much for everything else.

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    Thanks, I'm gonna give it a try...


    dbl28 dont hate... it's just a game.

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    I mainly run SMGs at the moment but I saw this thread and whacked on focus with steady aim with the P90 and  it's added an average of about 10 extra kills to my overall total each round.

    Once I finish with the P90 and switch up to the ARs i'm definately gonna give the stalker/focus combo a try although choosing between ext mags and noobtube is going to be a difficult moment lol.

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    I skip over Focus in favor of Steady Aim. Extreme Conditioning + Steady Aim is the gun & runner's dream.

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    I play hardcore and like Impact over Focus, but when i do play CORE Focus helps me a lot more with any weapon...... The worst thing about playing HC is that you can develop bad habits more easily.......like getting used used to poping off a few rounds and knowing you have the kill..no matter where the bullets land.....or Lobbing a grenade into a room and clearing it...... if you take this mindset into a game on CORE your dead meat......

    So i have to agree with the OP FOCUS and STALKER are good to use on core.....but not so much on HC