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Now recruiting for V!B35. (PS3)


Hey Guys, I'm Pratham.


I'm currently looking for members for my clan, V!B35. If you would like to join, go on the website or on the ELITE application to apply.


These are the simple steps:


For the website :


1) Log in to Call Of Duty ELITE. (www.callofduty.com/elite)

2) In the top right-hand corner there should be a search bar. Type in V!B35

3) Click on the clan. This will take you to my page.

4) There should be an 'Apply' button with a pencil icon. Click on it.

5) Send me the request and I will accept A.S.A.P

6) You are now part of V!B35!


For the ELITE Application :


1) Sign into the PlayStation Netwirk

2) Enter the ELITE Application or download from the PlayStation Store to Sign In/Sign Up.

3) Login/Signup to ELITE

4) Once logged in, there should be a page about clans. Click on it.

5) In th search bar, type in V!B35. Click on the clan.

6) This will take you to my page. Click 'Apply'.

7) I will accept the request A.S.A.P

8) You are now part of V!B35!


You will get your Gold Clan Tag when we reach Level 10. You will earn emblems and lots of xp. Please join for lots of rewards.