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Search & Destroy in Zombies


Now that we have the 4z4 Zombies mode, I think Search & Destroy would fit into the concept. Of course, the objectives would be slightly different. These are my ideas for an S&D-like mode in Zombies.


Idea 1) Objective: Escape the map using an SOS signal.


The two teams would start in the map. One team has set an SOS signal flashing on the sky and a support helicopter will be arriving to rescue them from the spot in two minutes. The other team has to prevent them from boarding the helicopter by destroying the SOS signal (would be like the bomb site). That team has to have someone take the bomb to the SOS signal (bomb site) and destroy the site. Along the way, there would be zombies attacking both teams but the team with the SOS signal is the one that would have to escape unless the signal is destroyed by the enemy team.


Idea 2) Objective: Find the cure.


The two teams would start in the map. One team has been "infected" and will turn into zombies if they don't use the cure. That team has the cure which would be like a futuristic looking box that has the cure inside. To open the box, they would need to go to a machine (would be like the bomb site) and insert it inside it to open the box. The other team has to prevent the infected team from reaching the machine and opening the box with the cure. The zombies will attack both teams.


There could also be the original S&D with a twist: zombies.