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Lag-swtiching? Not in the traditional sense.

Hey guys. Been a while since I've been on these forums, and even longer since a post. 2-3 months, I think? At work right now - extremely bored - and figured I'd see if the forums ever stopped complaining. Of course not.


For anyone who has read any topics I've started before, I've cheated a lot in this CoD installment. Never a hack, but just in-game usage of opportunity. This topic is no different...


I've been reading posts for about 15 minutes now, and a large number of recent ones are about Lag switchers. Check out my vid; damn these lag switchers; QQ, etc. I've also read that everyone is apparently under the impression you cannot lag switch in this game, due to a hot-fix of some sort shortly after release. Of course, it's always hard to tell what is happening regarding due to lag spikes thanks to poor connectional quality.


Here is your answer - You can lag switch. I've done this often, mainly in objective-based game modes and FFA. Want to know how? You don't even have to have a single friend in the world to do it. Have a large number of messages in your inbox (For me it was 2700+ before it started working, but optimum was ~3500). In-game, hit the start button, push triangle to access your friends list and , viola, you have lagged the entire lobby for approximately 3-5 seconds, depending on how many messages you have. You, on the other have not lagged one bit, save for the amount of time it takes for you to hit two buttons on your controller. You can use this to run amok and wreak havoc and then listen to the other players cry.


Two things, btw. You must be host. I know when I'm host during say... Search and Destroy. When a round is over, and it shows the score, there is no sound for me. Thing number two, it is undetectable during any type of recording as to who is doing it. I say this because everyone will maintain the same connection (3, 4 bars, what have you) even though the screen may or may not show the lag itself. Traditionally, lag-switchers are an easy find, as everyone drops to a 1-bar connection while the host/lagger is still sitting on a 4-bar.


So there you have it, how to lag-switch a game that mythically is unlag-switchable. I hope you enjoy. Patch/complain all you want, I'll be playing BO2.



TL;DR - Have host, ~3000 inbox messages, hit start+Triangle, lag insues.