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eXenium || Ps3-EU || League Playlist || Clan prizes!

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eXenium is a new clan; gaming team, guild in the FPS section of gaming. I have not yet created the clan as we are waiting for the launch of black ops 2, and with mw3 being the horrible disaster it is, it's not worth leveling up yet. Though we are still looking for fun members for the clan, as playing games with friends is much better than playing solo, almost anyone can agree with that. This is the un-official topic for the eXenium clan, once we are fully geared and ready to launch, and much better and more appealing discussion will be created. Yes, that means a better banner, woohoo!


Fill this form in:

- Current PSN:

- Age:

- Which country do you live in:

- Activity:

- Whats more important to you, W/L or K/D:

- What gamemodes interest you most:

- If you had to have a new username that contained X4, what would it be:

- Other skills:


What we are looking for!


-Fun members, that can have a laugh

-Maturity isn't a problem, be as imature as you like, Yes, this means banter with the other team, but never have a serious/aggresive arguement with a team member.

-Age isn't a concern, although we would like 14 and over!

-Absolute loyalty. This means following commands and directions in GB's, and other clan related issues.

-Preferably from the UK, or EU, but anyone is welcome to join as long as they speak english

-A mic, we want to talk to you, and want you to talk back!



What we are looking for, skill wise!

-Team players

-Party up with us when invited

-Learn the abbreviations for ingame combat

-Communicate well

-K.d for Blackops/mw3 over 1.5


MY PSN: ShoutX4Cex