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Noobs are frustrating


I say this because in far too many games I see people on the enemy team going 5-10, 2-15, absolutley terrible players that cannot even shoot a gun straight and nothing infuriates me more then as soon as my reaper/chopper/pavelow/osprey goes up in the air, its gone straight away ( Still believe it should take more to take down the higher choppers IMO)


I never see people that go positive taking down air support, its always the noobs that would be better playing mario cart...


Anyway rant over..

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    Click on your Forum name and read bellow... LMAO

    "tut tut talking about yourself like that......."

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    Hmmm, its annoying working hard for air support and then it getting shot down, nobody can deny that.


    But I think it's a good way for the noobs to rank up and keep them playing.

    1. It gives them xp, 2. Your getting easy kills.


    I hardly ever use the assault package, I enjoy the specialist pack. But when I use assault I tend to go for controllable streaks. Pred, reaper, ac130.


    I find I rarely have them shot down, but that's just me.


    On the other point, not only negative players use stingers, I run in a group mostly, and pretty much always one of the guys has a stinger on his back, he's a solid player with a 1.5 KD. Certainly no noob.


    1 thing that frustrates me is some of the death streaks, but trust me its not just noobs that kill you with them.


    I say give them a break and just keep killing them.

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    Where are these noobs, I'd love for them to be in my lobby. Usually the noobs I'm stuck with are the guys who hand the enemies killstreaks and are no help at all getting rid if it

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    I definitely know the feeling, i play basically everyday, and im always stuck on the noob ended team.. i just dont get it. i understand that  every player is on different levels, but really I dont see how hard it is to go positive.. and if you are going to go negative, at least try and go for the objective.. i tried to study them to see why they die soo much, and the only thing I found is they just like to run around corners blindly, never anticipating enemies.


    normally i know we are going to lose before the game starts.. ill start by playing the objective until i see my team dieing alot or camping, then i just go into kill wh*re mode..


    at least I can have a nice kd, and make the enemy team mad..


    assault KS are fun, but i shoot them down immediately, because i think its cheap and real skill come from specialist

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    Soo...you're complaining that the other team is shooting down your airsupport instead of letting it wreak havok and killing all of them


    I agree it's annoying, but seriously it's part of the game and I'm not sure why you're surprised. I've had Pavelows taken down before it even enters the map and I've destroyed a Osprey before it enters the map. Point is, I'd much rather take out airsupport before it takes me out

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    I wouldn't say I get overly frustrated when the enemies shoot my air support down, when in the right situations I shoot down as much air support as I can, gotta make sure you look at both sides of the coin but that being said, there is one part of enemies shooting my air support down that bothers the **** out of me and it's when I get my chopper up and it does considerable damage considerable enough for me to get my ac-130 and so i'm thinking before I pull my ac130 out SWEET my chopper did work my ac130 is gonna wreck these guys seriously BUT as soon as I pull it out, beep beep beep beep somebody is ALREADY shooting it down, I cycle through the first 3 gun sizes and I'll be lucky to get the second round of the big cannon off before I'm blown up. HATE IT,

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    I'm no newb, but I'll take down ANY air support you bring up with BE and my Extended Mag SMG, so suck on that one buddy.    

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    As far as the people going 2-15, 5-10, I think you mean to say,"newbs", We were ALL "newbs" at one point and time. But as for you crying because people are taking out your choppers, THAT is the biggest "noob" think I've read in a while. Epic troll fail.

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    i can relate ,i had a reaper,ac130 and osprey set up. got 4 kills in total as they lasted merely 5 seconds each.pathetic really.yet you cant do anything about the stealth bomber or the emp..bit odd really

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      Rack up 18 kills as fast as possible, wait until you hear the bomber and BAM ! ! ! Emp ! ! !

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        yes but i dont use support....

        its for noobs lol.

        no in the general sense i dont use support,i dont see why bad players should be rewarded,you can give me the old yes but objective players should be rewarded,but 95% of people running supportb in matches are just awful players who cannot get a killstreak.

        emp,stealth bomber should be in killstreaks not support

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          Yah, I've been called a noob for before. But the way I see it, I run with a full lobby most of the time, and when it comes to team work, we try just that. The best one or two players running with us will run assult while the rest of us run support, jackets, uav, counter uav, advanced uav, or emp. Mainly to help our assult guys get their killstreaks easier as well as helping ourselves. I don't see it as being a noob, I see it as doing what some can't, and that's working as a team to PTFO.

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    Without bad there can be no good.

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    Naivety frustrates me. (meaning, you likely think your awesome and these other people are terrible, when in reality...it's primarily your connection to eachother.


    If you lose, you blame...if you win, you complain.


    How can this game have so many sore winners.

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    the rant about Air assult choppers ect being taken down is kinda dumb, only a noob would let it keep taking them or the team out, .......

    going positive by yourself or as a team does not mean you are going to win unless you are playing TDM.....My preferred game is KC, i have saw lots of games where the loosing team had 5 players with a positive KD, but they didnt collect the tags......  the best teams will have players who run both support, and assult packages and work together when using them, two players running support can raise h3ll on a team with two well placed stealth bombers covering the map.......you rant sounds more like you are upset because people will not play the game according to your wants or by your rules.......yes i hate it when my choppers get taken down before they get to the map, but that is part of the game......do i call that player a noob....no.....he/she is listening to what is going on what is coming in and reacts to it.........

    If you want to rant about something, rant about players who never try to do the objective, just hide and become killwhores and then brag about the MOABs they got or who many times they killed you

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    I see people on the enemy team going 5-10, 2-15, absolutley terrible players that cannot even shoot a gun straight and nothing infuriates me more then as soon as my reaper/chopper/pavelow/osprey goes up in the air, its gone straight away ( Still believe it should take more to take down the higher choppers IMO)

    Shooting a gun straight in this game? Thats a good one. Whats the matter with taking out airsupport? I would mind seeing the pavelow take three stingers, but hey the game is as it is.



    I never see people that go positive taking down air support, its always the noobs that would be better playing mario cart...


    I do all the time check out my loadout (stingers everywhere) PSN: egotrip7809

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    Yes... I agree

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    What isn't frustrating in MW3? Why complain about noobs?...if anything they're easy kills.




    Complain about campers or something, cause MW3 has the most camping I've ever seen in a game...

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    Its people like you who think they are so rightous and no one but the good players should play the game. For ffs get over yourself not everyone has the time to play all day or night like some probably like you, they play for the fun of it no matter how bad they play !!!!!

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    everyone i know goes negative when they first start. yes: just becuase we've been playing forever doesn't meant NEW people haven't just started. i keep trying to get my girlfriend into it so her, my son, and myself can all play together. sadly, the lobby is full of ass hats that make her feel bad for not doing well. there is a steep learning curve. no doubt.


    some of us realize that there are new people playing the game and are okay with it. it happens.