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Bladed Gamer's Recruiting



     Im Call of Duty: Elites Theater "Staff Picked" Zoolu Prince. Im looking to start a new "SERIOUS" Clan for my sophomore year at Shawnee State University where I take Game Simulation and Design. My old one isnt working out I dont like clans that just turn into large groups. Im looking for  least 7-10 players that frequently play online with at least a +1.05 K/D, I have a +1.08 All Time K/D and keep a constant 1.50 K/D on a weekly basis, I am also an Elite Founder. I move into my new apartment on 10/15/2012 and will be on-line ready to play. Send me an Invite via xbox live and on Elite my gamer tag is "Zoolu Prince". I actively play 8 hours a day and would be honored for you to join my clan. Look for me the Clan Name is: "Bladed Gamer's"