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New Sniper Carreer

Hi everybody,


After having spent most of my time playing with my "overpowered" ACR , I would like to try something really different, then

I think I am going to start a Sniper carreer


Any advice from veteran snipers all over the world ? For example which weapon to start with ?

I plan to use Overkill perk (to keep my ACR at hand) at first beginning in order to smoothly adapt my gameplay. I guess Marksman is also a must to start with ?


Thanks in advance

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    I started using the dragonov for the first time yesterday,and had a blast. I used,BE,Hardline and stalker,as i had it equipped with an ACOG scope.

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    Well if your gonna use overkill i'd suggest the RSASS, and equip with with kick and silencer as soon as you unlock them. I dont actually use marksman on it because i have an MP5 back up so i use steady aim instead.


    So i'd suggest


    Your ACR

    Rsass Kick w/ silencer




    Which ever 3rd you feel


    Assault 4,5,7

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      Completely depends on what type of sniper you are wanting to be. I am the most hated camping sniper. Assassin, Blind Eye and Marksman. I hard scope but a very effective in picking spots that a lot don't. I have had the enemy walk right by me or even prone out in front of me more times than I can count. I started with the Barrett 50 and fell in love with it. I use the stock scope. Not really too fond of the Acog. I don't run a silencer. I found that I lost a lot of kills as opposed to running it without one. If your enemy watches the kill cam they are going to come back most of the time in my experience and if you don't get a good head shot they aren't a one hit kill with a silenced 50 cal. Here lately even with unsilenced it can be iffy.

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      u the bolt action l118A that is a good gun

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    Thanks to all of you for your advice.

    I don't know yet which kind of sniper I want to be, I just want to try in the best conditions to have good chances to appreciate the experience.

    Before I thougth snipping was borring (to be honnest, I was assimilating snipping as camping) but since I had to use the Barrett 50 of an ennemy to save my ass - not for a long time (I had no more clips for both my primary and my secondary weapons) I changed my mind, finally it could be fun too !!


    It seems that all weapons have fans here, so I will try Barret 50, Dragunov and RSASS to figure out which one best fits my way to play.


    Thanks again !!

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    Stability is the be proficiency


    If you want to level up the Dragonov and RSASS I suggest playing hardcore for the OHK


    Laying down also greatly reduces both sway and kick on all rifles


    The MP9 is the best secondary to use


    I like both Blind-Eye and Scavenger as most sniping spots are out in the open but snipers don't come with many rounds, so use Specialist


    The silencer takes way too much off a rifle so only use them in HC, aside from that I suggest Extended Mags


    Find 2-3 spots on each map and rotate between after a few kills to keep the enemy confused


    Claymores and BBs don't do much. Although I do recommend the PR (throw it on top of buildings)


    Marksman is an excellent perk to identify non-Assassin users at long range

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    The Sniper Rifles you should be using are either the Dragonuv or MSR. The MSR is more powerful, but the Dragonuv is better for spamming and it's very accurate now. A little tip since you're using 'Overkill', use the G36C. I know that you want to use the ACR as your secondary, but the G36C has a faster swap time than most weapons in the game (except the Five Seven, which only raises faster). Next, use 'Speed'. You'll have a rifle in your hands, but you'll move at the speed of an SMG. However, I won't deny that 'Kick isn't a bad choice either (for the Dragonuv). Despite that I recommend using the G36C for fast swapping, I think that Sleight of Hand Pro is still a good choice. If you're OK with the switch speeds then go with Blind Eye. For your third perk, you either want Marksman, Sitrep (if you have a headset), or Steady Aim (I don't completely recommend it, but it's there for those moments where you get caught in CQC with the Sniper Rifle out). Equipment is completely your choice. For attachments, I'd recommend using either the Silencer, Ext. Mags, or the Variable Scope on the Dragonuv (Ext. Mags and V-Zoom for MSR), and for the G36C I'd recommend either using Red Dot with 'Kick' or Red Dot with Ext. Mags via 'Attachments' (if you can control the strong vertical recoil or learn to burst fire it). You're 'Strike Package' should be determined by your play style with the Sniper Rifles. That's all I can really tell you.

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    I'm not much of a sniper however I do quite well with the RSASS. I'll use either Kick + Xmags or silencer + xmags. The dragunov is king when it comes to spamming however the RSASS performs just as well in that respect. Since the weapon buff, been seeing a lot more Drag's in gameplay but my fav is still the RSASS.

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    I'm another dude who's gonna proclaim their love of the RSASS but I thought i'd float the silencer and vari scope setup. It's perfect for the smaller maps and lets you work at all ranges giving a good increase to the spots you can just drop and shoot plus with the lowest zoom it lets you work up close much like an ACOG freeing you up to carry a launcher/ machine pistol also letting you use QD or assassin.

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    As I can see, 1 player = 1 sniper


    So I tried Barret .50, Dragunov and RSASS (I will try MSR later) :


    First of all I thought snipping was very easy, you just have to hide, aim, kill two or three players and replay the same sequence .. but it's not . Basically when I am killed by a sniper, usually he's needed only one bullet, but most of my snipping shots require two or more bullets (except with the Barret .50 which has higher damages and with which I manage to kill in one shot sometimes). I don't speak about hiding, not easy to find the good spot. So congratulations to all snipers, it's a real job


    In any case, when I see all your posts (thanks again), I know I have to work hard to progress and to get a good configuration (leveling up the weapons) which fits my game play.


    I also noticed that the second weapon with "Overkill" cannot have any attachment , I am lost with my ACR without red dot... so I use MP9 as secondary weapon.


    Thanks !!

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      PifGlopGlop wrote:


      I also noticed that the second weapon with "Overkill" cannot have any attachment , I am lost with my ACR without red dot... so I use MP9 as secondary weapon.

      Once you get Overkill Pro you can use an attachment, just set the sniper rifle as your secondary and use that to get the necessary amount of kills for the challenge. The only problem with the sniper as a second primary, is the lack of a ghillie suit and assassin as a red tier perk. I suggest running Specialist if you're going to use Overkill.


      The worst thing that you can do with a sniper is stand still, move to knew spots where you can always expect good traffic flow. If you kill a couple people and there is about 5 seconds of inactivity in the same spot, change locations and try to kill the people that are trying to flank you.

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        offthewall2 wrote:


        Once you get Overkill Pro you can use an attachment, just set the sniper rifle as your secondary and use that to get the necessary amount of kills for the challenge. The only problem with the sniper as a second primary, is the lack of a ghillie suit and assassin as a red tier perk. I suggest running Specialist if you're going to use Overkill.



        Thanks, I did not see that. So I will be able to use my ACR, nice !!


        As Ghamorra said, stability is important, so my training will be in priority to find spots with lot of traffic and where I can prone. And to change regularly from one spot to another to avoid beeing flanked by people I killed previously (or I tried to kill ).


        I am going to try this perk configuration : Blind Eye + Overkill + Marshman (I am not good enough yet to need Scavenger)

        + Specialist : Assassin, Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw

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    it's crazy

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    Like Ghamorra stated, go play in some Hard Core matches to get your feet wet otherwise you may get discouraged from sniping. I am pretty recent to it and it can suck playing core and just getting hitmarkers instead of kills.

    I will say that even in HC modes lately it has taken more than one shot to kill somebody with any of the sniper rifles.

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    MSR or L118A is the best and only ones to use they get less hitmarkers (meaning more one shot kills) than the overrated 50cal and you can run with them pretty fast.the rest of the sniper guns are weak and a joke. use the zoom scope after you unlock it the stock scopes are too zoomed in also use either focus or impact. if you are gonna run around a lot i would say use overkill (mp7 or pp90m1), steady aim and quickdraw. if you are gonna lay around hardscopeing use blindeye,assassin and marksman. lethal c4 is beast after you learn to use it double tap (fast) square to make it explode quicker also blow it up before it hits the ground or a wall the blast is 3x greater. use a portiable radar or trophy system if you gonna lay around or use flashbang if if you gonna be moving around.  I run n gun with my MSR/L118A this is how i set it up . Primary MSR or L118A with impact and v. zoom scope, Secondary MP7 or PP90M1 with range and rapid fire. Lethal C4 EVERYTIME, tactical i mix it up with a portiable radar and flashbang. Percs, Slight of hand pro, overkill pro and steady aim pro. deathstreat (its rare i get rewarded these) i use juiced. killstreaks i use Predator missile, chopper and ac130.  NEVER USE A SUPPRESSOR they make sniping pointless you gotta shoot em 2 and a lot of times 3 time to kill em