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$ K2X $  Seeking 10 Clan Members for Premium Clan Ops (HC/Core)

"$ K2X $" Premium Elite clan now recruiting gamers who enjoy HC and CORE objective games (Dom, KC, CTF, Sabotage.) .  Proficiency in HC Dom very important. Team players (not lone wolfs) desired. (Xbox360)  Must be willing to actively participate in Clan Ops.  Ages 18+ only.

Objective scoring more important than KD.  PREMIUM MW3 ELITE MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. (Black Ops Premium Elite will be a Plus)


Message K2X x VIPER or SkimpieSax via XboxLive for interview.    Sense of humor a must - we're an easy going group. We play in the NOH8 Zone. (no haters)




Current members are from the UK, USA, Australia or are UK/US/Australia residents serving on active duty in Germany (Nato forces).