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Hardpoint what gives?


Is it replacing HQ and dropzone?. Is it just like King of the hill from halo or a mix of HQ and dropzone? I liked KC and dropzone from mw3 and hope this is another good playlist added especially with multi team to switch it up.

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         idk why they would get aride of DZ it was a very good gametype and i dont think HQ is gone not entirely sure but KC is gonna be back the gametypes that werent coming back were TD and DZ but maybe if enough people talk treyarch will look into it before release day or an addition lol plus KOTH being in the game it might sound iffy but its extremely fast paced originally as a gametype in COD now its gonna be a whole different story of speed and skills im looking foward to it

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    im going to give it a try but i can almost guarantee it will end up like dropzone full of snipers that dont care about the objective and just want to rack up kill feeds for youtube