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Specific details that IW/Treyarch could work on to make Wii CoD buyers happy

I know I've posted this in another forum, but:


- Please be considerate of Wii Commmunity and make BO2 not only for Wii U but for us regular folks too (that can't afford to buy a new console for a new game in a great series)


- Put on those game modes you didn't put on Wii but for other consoles


- Make Wii maps similar to XBOX/PS3/PC maps (no need to worry about lighting/color, just the same  size/shape of objects)


- Try to make more than 5 players per team (at least 6, it gets just a LITTLE lonely with 4 teammates and 5 enemies)


- Not to be selfish or anything, but at least put on extra map packs for wii as well. No need to release them as early as the other consoles, but I'd be okay with waiting 2-3 extra months for 2-3 extra maps. Besides,  you guys have been a bit cruel to Wii since you almost never update it and eliminate hackers, so how about you make the release of map packs to wii for free (you could release the free ones 1-2 weeks later though, I'm just trying to balance Wii Community's satisfaction to IW's/Treyarch's hard work).


- Make a REPORT LOBBY or REPORT PLAYER button to alert people of hackers/ hacked lobbies. Also, hire some people so they can spectate a reported lobby or player to ban them.


- Make a site that lists the hackers' current and/or previous name(s) with what hacks they have.