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For anyone who cant get to or see ops and challenges on elite


I know its not perfect but

For the last 3 days i havent been able to see any of the ops or challenges through ie9 or firefox on pc, or through safari or atomic on ipad

the only way i can see how we are doing is to access elite through ps3 app

if you get white screen from the app update (like me)

i have to do is go to load up mw3>select elite from left menu>and the app will load and you then have access

real pain in the ass i know but currently this is the only way i can see/enlist in ops and challenges

hope this helps some


tweet from atviassist regarding ps3 app whitescreen issue

Activision Support@ATVIAssist

@Cookiedood2 We're working on implementing a permanent fix, for now; have you tried launching the Elite app from in-game? ^SL

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    Good advice.


    I too tweeted them.


    It's a nuisance tbh, it's convenient to enlist from a pc or tablet or phone device thru an Internet browser and its been a shambles for weeks now. Intermittently working, lets say 10% of the time.


    Clan leaders likely work, have holidays etc etc and these challenges come out with very little warning. I once missed out on 3 as I was down south for a long weekend, and it reflects badly on me as my members are playing and we aren't being rewarded.


    When I tweeted I stated I was using iOS device and I get the usual BS, the elite site is not optimised for iOS!! Now we all know its not, but it used to function perfectly adequately, it seems they have royally screwed the site up since the recent, hmmm, what to call it.....facelift. It has no new features that I can see, they've just added the blops 2 bit and screwed around with the layout.


    The iOS app, I'm guessing android one too, doesn't work properly since they updated the site. U can't look up previous games like you used to for other players.


    The whole service is a bloody shambles and its not really a surprise they have opted for a free service on blops 2 as they know they can't charge for it again as it was such a flop.


    The sooner the site is up and running correctly the better. I cba checking the elite app every time I log in to my ps3.

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    Yep I've been using PS3 recently. The only thing i will add is on the clan challenges on elite via ps3 you can ignore the tick box saying 'score included' ( something like that ) The totals are correct. All clan members add to ur score as long as they joined clan before being enlisted. Obviously when checking score for clan ops you need to look at 'score included' members. I checked some of our scores recently and at least Elite can add correctly which was quite surprising !!

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    I think we missed out on the clan challenges these past 3 days because nobody could access the site. Now, I can see the challenges but the leader can't.

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    I haven't been having any trouble seeing them through the website but they have been down all day today.  Fortunately, I'm enlisted through this coming Tuesday.  Hopefully, they will have things working again before then.