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I cant believe Treyarch have become so untouchable to the eyes of this forum, have you all forgot??



Firstly, Black ops 2 looks great in terms of the new features, maps, gun, everything looks great.


However what has to have changed from Black ops 1 is the net coding and smoother connections, cause at times Black ops was terrible. I remember lag spikes atleast once a game, and if the host wasnt perfect, the game would be unplayable.


Dont tell me I have bad internet, cause I have some of the best in my country. All my friends agree Black ops was the most laggy cod they have played too. And I have no issues with the other cods.


I wonder if some of the hype for Treyarch is actually coming from a lot of Hate for IW and MW3.


Lets just not jump the gun on Black ops 2 just yet, ill wait to play it before I judge it.