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Anyone Else Want All Core Modes To Be Made Into Hardcore As Well?


Ok after playing this new hardcore moshpit & playing hc: hq/demo/ctf/s&d/team defender...i dont see why dont they just make the gamemodes seperate instead of this moshpit bullshit. I usually only play hc dom; but i was hopeing they would bring back hc hq,  but not in a moshpit kinda thing. i dont see why dont they just make all the core gamemodes (such as groundwar) into hardcore also. Personally i would like to see how hardcore groundwar would turn out. I like demo. i dont play core because of all lovely bullet eating. & if anyone thinks im exaggerating i have a youtube vid. that shows someone eating about 4 ksg shots to the face in point blank range. while the person before him clearly died in 1 shot  http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBWo0KWreBw&feature=plcp thats the vid. if anyone wants to check it out