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Just thought I would share this with you - dont get jelly if you dont know the facts!

So to give you a background Im prestige 20, 2.45 K/D, 296.11 score per min, and I hold a 2+ K/D across 12 different guns, 404played hours which works out around 17-18 days? i think...( lvl 80 been on 20 for a while now, managed to get 5 gold guns)


So I recieved a message after a game last night off someone on 18th prestige saying im being reported to ban candy for doing what he believed was the "prestige token glitch" as he could not understand that it is easy to reach 20th in 17-18 days.


I think what people forget is you need to use a variety of guns and gamemodes to be able to maximise the amount of points you are capable of through out a prestige.


There is no point in playing team deathmatch your entire call of duty life with just one weapon..


So I just thought I would share this with everyone incase something simmilar has happened to you, and i presume since he mentioned BanCandy to me (who is on my friends list and has banned quite a few boosters for me/the community) that he reads these forums..


My player ID is Nate_2188 so Ban Candy, feel free


Ps. i do note that im not an amazing player, I do mess around when I cant really be that bothered to play, but, I do feel i needed to give you my background statistics for clarity.


Happy gaming and inbox warriors sit down


Rant over..