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Hi, in need of some help please ?


Sorry for the inconvenience, i'm an older bloke and not very savvy with computers. Actually some may say i'm mentally challenged. Anyway i've just played a game of sabotage against some people who i believe have been cheating. It was basically 20 minutes of instant death on respawn. the 2 of us that played the full game died about 170 times, there was actually alot more deaths but other players that joined just backed out. we stayed just to record the footage.


Now i guess what i want to know is, how do i report this? i have no idea how to use the video "mentally challenged remember" i have saved the video in my online vault. Is it possible for someone to check it out for me or post it up so you blokes and blokettes can see ?  The footage is not pretty, i'm not entirely sure on terms of online play, but this to me seemed really bad.


cheers Craig

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    Hi, it sounds like you were being "Spawn Killed", which is an exploit of the spawn system and is a bannable offense. Keep the video in your vault, and if you have an e-mail account, send an e-mail to "report@infinityward.com".


    I would include all the people's gamertag in the video who were doing it, and then include your own gamertag and which Vault Slot # your video is in.


    I can't guarantee anything will happen, they'll have to review the evidence and investigate the account. Something else you can do, if you know how, is upload a 30-second clip (if you're not Premium) to Youtube with the in-game Theater Mode. After it's uploaded and you get the link, you can send that link to them at that E-mail Address, or if you have twitter, you can tweet it to @IWEnforcers who will check it out.


    Don't worry if you don't get a response or nothing happens after a few days. They get literally thousands of reports daily, so it might take them longer to reach yours.

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      Thanks for your advise, i reported them. unfortunatly i got banned for 48 hours code 1000.


      i have no idea why, i was the one being spawn killed i went 10 for 80 being shot in the back of the head for 20 minutes straight.


      On the bright side at least they are acting quickly on reporting even though they banned the wrong person.


      i'll start another topic