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Anyone else agree with me on this?(lobby/matchmaking issues)


Ok the 1 thing i can't stand about most COD but mostly mw3 is if you leave a match due to- lag,unbalanced teams etc. so you try to get a fresh start on a new server....IT THROWS YOU BACK IN THE SAME FU****G SERVER YOU JUST LEFT.(note- i never leave a match unless theres lag or unbalanced teams) For example i left a match because i was lagging pretty bad & my connection is always decent never below 3bars..so i left waited a few secs. then joined a lobby again...same dam lobby this happen about 5more times before i finally said F it im going to play bf3. (which i never have that issue even during quick match) i play hc dom & it sayz "50 potential games found" but throws me in the same FU****G LOBBY? Out of 50 dam games you put me in the same one i just left? come on guys really

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    The last 3 nights I've only had 2 matches in about 9 hours of play that didn't have a 1 bar and a handful of 2 bars in the lobby.  Needless to say, I've spent a lot of time trying to dodge the walls that keep jumping in front of me.  I suspect, however, that PSN is having problems as I see that they have been undergoing maintenace all week.  Of course, if PSN is not working correctly then MW3 isn't going to fair any better.