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A girl looking for a clan =) Yay!

I am a very out going person, I am also a girl if you still haven't figured that out yet. I am 18, and play on the xbox360. I'm really so sick of being called trash, would love to have some people i know to have my back, because I suck at trash talking.



I play MW3 that's it, but I do have Gears of War 3.

I mostly just play hardcore, but I'm willing to play anything else.

I have a  1.160 K.D, and a 12.62% accuracy.

I want to be in a clan that is fun, but that can kick the other teams trash at the same time.

If you think I would be good in your clan send me a message on the Xbox360 to this gamertag


Hopefully I'll get some messages, thanks for reading this whoever you are!

Or you can just message me on facebook! The name is [Zee Chance] FYI: Yes, that is my real name