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Aimbot on ps3

Hi all,


Not too sure if this is in the right section as I was playing MW2, but I though the discussion would cross all platforms (eventually) anyway and I wasnt too sure if the other forums are as "active" as this one.


So, I was playing MW2 multiplayer when in the final kill cam someone (who shall remain nameless) hip fired a FAL across the map then instantly hip fired somebody way to thier right.


I actually did send a message asking if they were using a aimbot and sure enough they replied and admitted another person was using it too...


So next game, this guy is just runing around with a USP.45 destroying everyone..


1, I didnt think aimbot existed for the PS3, especially mutliplayer and 2. I wonder how long it would take for the aimbot programme to work on MW3.


Fair to say, a telltale sign in the loby is that thier presitge rank and emblem are missing and when you click on thier name their emblem shows and thier rank shows up as a faded green square.


Its a shame as I enjoyed a fultter with MW2, but hackers just ruin our games.


*Sorry if this has been discussed before*