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Let's not over complicate ghost.


This is one of my biggest concerns that they are going to over complicate ghost pro in Black Ops 2.


Now I know what you guys are going to be thinking by the time you read this so hear me out.


I don't think ghost should have a movement limit before you are hidden, I don't think it should be just sprinting, I think it should be any movement, even if you are just moving back and forward because I don't want to have to over think when using the perk. I mean if you have to sprint or be moving for X amount of time, it would require a lot of thought put into using the perk. Like "have I been moving enough to stay hidden"...."Okay I have started moving while crouch slowly...am I hidden now"


I don't want to be thinking this and the only way I can see them making it fair and simple is to allow all form of movement. I know this means you could get people moving left/right in a room. However lets think about it here. Only the truly, dedicated people who like camping could keep this up for anything more than 20 seconds. Plus you are throw off your ADS when moving so it is kinda hard to maintain and do well.


I just don't want to have to over think when using this perk and I think they have penalized the perk enough to give the community who enjoy using the perk the ability to be hidden when using any type of movement. I mean they have penalized camping a lot so I don't think making a movement limit or time limit to moving would be fair and would just over complicate and make the perk very unreliable.


So bottom line is, don't over complicate ghost.