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Welcome guys it's x iGardy here, and i'm currently searching for new members for my CoD: Blackops 2 & MW3 clan (X I)


(X I) is a clan that has been running for over 4 years, we established ourselves as one of the best HQ and Mixmode clans in Europe in the process. Unfortunately last year we had a gap year so to speak where some members had to leave for personal reasons such as starting university and new jobs. The time has come now where we will be recruiting again and trying to come back better than ever.


The reason i'm here is to ask if anyone is intrested in meeting like minded UK gamers for a good laugh and some good banter on MW3 and going into BO2, whilst winning in the process .


I have not set a specific boundry on age just aslong as you're mature.


I'm 21 and have gamed with numerous 14/15 y.o's that are as mature as some 30+gamers, so don't be too afraid to apply if you're young but mature.


Also i have created websites in the past for XI gaining GFX, Signature and even custom dashboards sponsors along the way and will be making a new website as soon as there are a sufficient amount of members listed, that said i have created a basic 'enjin' website for now which is listed below.


If you would like to know anymore about me or the clan, or if your interested in joining leave a comment below or visit our website.




Or alternatively message me on XBOX live at: x iGardy


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your replies.