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XiCons - Having problems seeing people who have applied - On and off for last 3 or 4 weeks now!


I think this is kind of poopy that I have had these problems for the past few weeks.  I get hundreds of applications to join my clan, but what good is it, I cannot see who has even applied..... It keeps coming up with a server error, I was told to delete my cache! hahaha Seriously that's the only advice I get.... This is the time when COD Elite needs to be working at it's best! The new game is going to be here soon, and some of these applicants I may want in my clan, the others can be directed to my other clan.... But with my luck they will find another clan by the time my clan page is fixed! I would love to know any predictions on how long my COD Elite clan page is going to be down..... I do acknowledge many changes are taking place right now to with Black Ops 2, but this is really putting a damper on my little operation!