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2.46 TD K/D Ratio

Looking for a clan of some solid players to play with. Overall K/D of 2.21 and 2.46 in K/D. I don't camp and I do go for the objectives in team games. I prefer Face Off, Team Death, or Team Tac but I'll switch it up with a group. I use the Turtle Beach Px5 and I run off a 30 mb/s down speed connection when playing serious games, 20 mb/s any other time. I prefer UMP and ACR. I always run Dead Silence and would prefer that with my teammates.


I'm on PlayStation 3 only. Don't message me on here cause I check this **** maybe twice a year. Just add me in game, tag is Sinthik. I feel like I just filled out a dating profile for MW3, hit me up.

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    "Overall K/D of 2.21 and 2.46 in K/D." hmmmmm....you say run and gun but your k/d is good. How many kills do you have total???


    Scratch that, I checked out your combat record.

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      I had a good clan but I quit playing before the first map pack came out. Just picked up again, logged in and I'm clanless. I quit cause I lived in the sticks with only a .10 mb/s connection, no thanks.

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    You should come check out We're Our Only Enemy [W2OE].  We are a domination based clan which means we look for members who play objective, communicate and can keep up with kills.  We have many members with over a 2.0 kd and a high W/L ratio as we consider the w/l more important than the kd.  Check our site out at http://w2oe.com!  We are always looking to add more solid players and hope you consider us!