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S.W recruiting if your a good player this is a good clan for you

my cod4 reflex name is lone wolf if you seen me then you know what i can do. if you give me your friend code your in my clan just put S.W and your in. my friend code is 525959897424 if you join and your a good player and i know you can bet 5 pll at one or 3 pll at one you will be given a rank of a wolf. i need a sniper pro a run in pro and a silent pro the silent pro will be a guy who follow me i can get to the enamy side in like 30secords im good at sniping i dont use gliches i can do them but i dont want to. if we get in to a battle im not going down with out a fight i will have you back if i can make a loser team win i can make you win to. im with you all the way.