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EraticatedGaming -Recruting {Xbox 360}

EraticatedGaming Is now Recruting for its 360 Brigade. (PS3 Recruting coming soon.)


Brand New and Looking for Active members.



Need a Mic

Mature player

Be online for Manditory Practices.

Good sportsmenship

14 and up.


EraticatedGaming is a Community spanning from Ps3 To Xbox. Although its New, EG has been making a strive to Form a Competative Team to compete in MLG Ladders & FN Ladders. EG Is also looking for Loyal members in which can Be placed incharge of a certain Division/ Squad. ERaticatedGaming Also supports games such as: Halo (Series), CoD (Seriers), BattleField 2&3, Minecraft, MoH/MoHWF, GoW (series) {Also hopeing to Expand to Sports games.}                  EraticatedGaming is a Non Premuim Clan/Communty At the time being.

If Intreseted, Please contact  TG xMakrovx For more Details, Mon-Fri 4:00pm-12:00pmEST