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Is MW3 done when BO2 is out?


The disciussion about the hack already went mad. Everyone wants the same:


  1. Fixed Leaderboards

  2. Permanently banned Hackers/Cheaters


It´s only 3 weeks until BO2 will be at the stores...


So let me ask the most reasonable question:


"Will MW3 be done when BO2 is out?"


I think no, because MW2 was still on full price in most stores when BO was purchases since weeks...

Even when MW3 was out, many people rediscovered MW2...

And finally: Some people won´t like BO2 because of it´s "Star-Wars" look alike gameplay...(I´m really struggling with that fact!)

What will you do? Will you keep playing MW3 (even sometimes) or will MW3 gather dust in your bookshelf?



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    I know that my copy of MW3 will be shelved as soon as I receive my copy of BOPS2.


    If BOPS2 doesn't play right, then all my CoD's are going into a fire, ashes to be swept up, and mailed to Activision HQ where they can deal with it. 

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    It´s only 3 weeks until BO2 will be at the stores...

    I see it as a ploy to get more people to buy bo2.Let mw3 continue to be hacked/glitches so you run right out and buy the newer version of the same game.And where are all the people that say it can't be hacked newsflash the lvl0 code is now released so patching is pointless.

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    If Black Ops II runs well on the PS3 I will probably only come back to MW3 once in awhile.


    I tend to get obsessed with ranking up and Prestiging.

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    All of the Call of Duty series have their place.  Rather than dismissing an older title I'm sure the community just moves on and rightly so.


    I do get a buzz from revisiting older CODS from time to time.  I played WAW the other night, there were 4000 people online, I had a great time.


    Nothing is ever "done"


    ps just think in 20 years you could jump on COD4, there will be 16 people online


    But it will be "EPIC"  ( as long as the servers still work )