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|TH| Looking for New Members


Seeing as we haven't had decent players join in quite awhile, I have decided to attempt to recruit a few more good players.  Most of our members like to play TDM.  I will also play some Dom and KC from time to time.  Lately the lag seems to have gotten worse, so we have been playing a lot of Search and Destroy.  We generally tend to avoid HC.  However, even if you don't like these game modes you are still welcome to join.


Clan leader: Greenfox394

Clan Name: Try Hards FTW

Clan Tag: [|TH|]



Clan KD: 1.75


We are looking for players with a k/d about 1.4 and above.  This game tends to have misleading k/d's and therefore I feel a 1.4 is quite easy to accomplish.  People who only play Dom and spawn trap or play infected will often have a k/d above 4.  So if you want to join apply on the elite site on our clan page.  We don't have a website that you have to sign up for, just good gamers that like to play COD