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Great idea for IW for MW3 multiplayer

I think this is the best idea any1 has come upwith for IW and its a very simple idea im suprised no one else has thought of it.

Simple put dont do anymore COD games till you understand how to use a game engine that dissalowes hackers to use it.


This way the fanbase that loves the game will still enjoy themselves while playing and the hackers that have invaded it so far can just play WOW.

I myself have never used a cheat on any game as whats the point your only cheating yourself in the end.


Its a simple enough solution to this problem seeing you dont realy want to make THE COSTOMERS happy give the game to steam or 1 of the many others that understand the concept of antihax programs.


Well from now till its given to another company or you pull your fingers out your ears i think me and 99% of COD lovers will have to just not buy your games seeing nothing is done to prevent hackers.


In the end all you will have playing MW3 is cheaters as it is now the game is flooded with them.