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EngElite1 [EE1] LVL 49 RECRUITMENT!!! PS3

Join EngElite1 today! Due to our high level (only 1 off 50), if you join today you can get a cut of that sweet sweet 12hr x2 xp. Also, if you like titles and emblems, joining us will unlock ALL CoD Elite titles excluding the lvl 50 title. Also, with X2 Clan Ops xp,hurry!! There is going to be a huge TDM op at 11pm so join before then as you could have a chance for the xp. We prefer premium members, but non-premium are just as important as they can get uavs and vests etc to aid our premium rack up kills. Check out our website www.engelite.co.uk for more information about our clan and upcoming events. We dont care about moabs or kd stats... we accept anyone!!


Add chivesgoat (clan leader) for an invitation or Kaiserchief97 for a referal.


Please messageboard on this thread for quicker entry.

ENGELITE1 NEEDS YOU!!!!! Are you elite or just a rookie?