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Envy Clan recruitment

Hey guys i have been working hard, getting shoutouts and getting videos ready for a upcoming clan on black ops 2 called Envy, I've been making clans ever since i started gaming in 08 and i know all the does and donts, ive lead a clan that got partnership and made money. So im looking to do it agian. I Will be the leader , just me . I will pick 2 co leaders over time andt  we already have a youtube that i am working on so that when we launch we can have a good youtube to start us off! Im going to start to recruit now so like i said when it launches we can be ready to go and make videos, every member must have enought clips too make there introduction after 3 days of joining, no worries ill edit and make it. If you are interested in applying there is no tryout needed i will just ask you a bit of questions.


Contact Info

skype : john.ware99

personal youtube: s1ayer24

PSN: Envy_V8

dont message over this forum beacuse i most likley will not reply


Little info about me.

i started gaming back in 08 on pc with halo 1 for the computer i got addicted and was basically #1 and lead a clan that got partnered by a real company. in about 2010 i started to play blackops in the summer and as most kids got , addicted. i played alot and became really good at sniping . one mw3 came out i took my gaming a little more serious and started to get into competitive sniping and was known as DzN. I was in a couple #1 clans at the time. and then did a little bit of feeding then quit since school started , now im back and ready to get serious in gaming agian.