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Need Premiums for OutKast$  Level 33  PS3 (5th Branch of inClan Killas)

Hey I made a clan like 3 months ago and we need some premiums to do clan ops with us.
Clan level: 33
Clan Tag: OtK$
Clan Name: OutKast$

Total members: 45
Current Premium Members: 17
Accepting all Premiums
Accepting Non-premiums with decent KD's (above 1.5 with exceptions)


Message BrOsAp69 or imDispicabie if you would like to join/ merge


Heres the link to the clan page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3035740


We are a VERY loyal clan.


We are also moving on to Black Ops 2 to compete in whatever they have to offer.


In addition to that, we are the 5th branch of inClan Killas.


Please message me for any further detail.


Players are an URGENT need.