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New XBOX clan recruting

We are a new clan called ZeNZi, recruting people for BLOPS2 and we need you pronto! we will have 3 sides to our clan:

-Youtube- The people that promote us to the public. There is no limit to how many people can be in this group. For this we need people with all sorts of skills and indepth in the game. We also would perfer that you have a recording device or a nice mic!

-Competitive- For this group we are looking for skilled players that know how to call out and have good gun skill. Also we want players that are smart and can think on their feet. Lastly we are looking for players that are on when they need to be and can preform in any postion asked. We will train people as we need different spots filled. For this team we are looking for the Elite four and then another 4-6 to scim for us and fill in when needed. If you are not on the elite four dont worry we will still have gamebattles that we will need players, plus the elite four are interchangeable and will change very often. This forces players to fight for there postion all the time, making them play their best no matter what we are doing. There is a lot more to this side this is the basic elements though.

-ZOMBIES- Thats right we will have a zombies clan that has no restrictions on how many people there can be in it, but we will have our top four who will face other top zombie teams! This team is new and is something that i am excited to see where they go. They will try to set records and wont only compete within our clan but against other top zombie clans.



There are the tree sides to our clan i tried to keep it short but i had a lot to say.

YOU ARE NOT RESTRICTED TO ONLY 1 OF THESE GROUPS! We do ask though that if you are in the Elite Four you focus on that. Along with the top four for Zombies.



For more details or to sign up please Msg- freazinICE