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★  (PSN) Black Ops 2 Clan: PSN-ELiT3 Now Recruiting ★

Want to join a good Black Ops 2 Competitive Multiplayer/Zombies clan?


Feel free to join us: PSN-ELiT3 (PS: Add me on PSN: XPUNJABI_BEASTX)


This is a new clan and since Black Ops 2 doesn't support Premium Membership, (Thank Goodness!)

There are NO requirements! (Other than having the game of course)


If you are like us, and hate MW3, good news for you, this clan will have nothing to do with MW3.


We will enroll in Clan Ops, Clan Challenges, and anything else BO2 has to offer.

And of course, ZOMBIES!


So if you are interested, please click the link below and you will be directed to our clan HQ where you can apply for the clan. -THANK YOU!






Click Link Below