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Need Premiums for OutKast$  Level 34  PS3 (5th Branch of inClan Killas)

Hey I made a clan like 3 months ago and we need some premiums to do clan ops with us.
Clan level: 34
Clan Tag: OtK$
Clan Name: OutKast$

Total members: 52
Current Premium Members: 17
Accepting all Premiums
Accepting Non-premiums with decent KD's (above 1.5 with exceptions)


Message BrOsAp69 or imDispicabie if you would like to join/ merge


Heres the link to the clan page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3035740


We are a VERY loyal clan.


We are also moving on to Black Ops 2 to compete in whatever they have to offer.


In addition to that, we are the 5th branch of inClan Killas.


Please message me for any further detail.