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:) Need A Clan To Join? Then Join “D4RK W/\RLORDZ” !!!!!!!!!  :) (PS3 Only)

•Who Wants To Join A PS3 Elite CLAN?



D4RK W/\RLORDZ - is Recruiting!

•Apply To Join Now!!! And Leave Your PSN Down Below.



•We Are Recruiting

•Currently Level 11

•Currently 13 Members

•We Play A lot of S&D, Face-Off , Team Tactical , DOM , KC

• We Do Not Require Premium Elite

• We Advise To Participate In  Clan Ops Or Clan Challenges, But it is not required

• We Don't care about your KDR we care about having you in the clan and you having fun!




•Have Fun

•Play The Game and Enjoy Being In The Clan

*Do Not Troll With Us



•Respect The Clan

•Respect The Clan Members

•Respect The Clan Leader

•Have Fun!

•Enjoy Being in The Clan