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First, i want to talk about SitRep Pro, Second I'd Like to bring up the rocket situation.

I play nothing but hardcore search. First of all, i'd like to say that you running around with your beaches and your SRP can get bent, k thanks. Second, why the hell do i have Dead Silence PRO if it doesnt make me completely silent, this makes no sense. Dead Silence PRO should cancel out Sit Rep Pro,  Regular dead silence can be fair game, but when i get that pro, i expect for people to not be able to hear me. I'd rather have falling damage. This is BS.


Second, can i please get a hardcore search lobby that doesnt have a team of 6 using rockets every 5 seconds? I'd like to have the option of playing search with no rockets, game battle rules or something? no explosives other than nades... something. That would be awesome. I've been disappointed with this game since i started playing it honestly, i was a little surprised that Infinity Ward didnt wow me, but im really getting sick of walking on the other side of the map with DSP and the guy still in his spawn with SRP bombarding me with tubes from his xm.


Wow, i feel better after that rant.