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Who Wants All Clan Emblems and Titles FREE!

Get All Clan Emblems And Titles FREE




LvL 50 clan PrisonersofwarUS is giving you free emblems and titles!


It doesn't matter what your kd, spm, rank, age, sex, race or pet is!


EVERYBODY gets free emblems and titles!



All you have to do is 2 things:

1. Apply to us on elite

Go to elite - search for (top right hand corner) prisonersofwarus - Apply


2. Apply to us on our website

Go to www.prisonersofwarus.com Click on apply - Fill out a few short questions


We will constantly be kicking 5 members everyday to make room for 5 new members everyday.

If u do get kicked from our elite team u can still be active on our website and apply again when bo2 comes out.

If u do get kicked u still get to keep all titles and emblems.

You can get a permanent spot in our clan if u apply on our website and u match our criteria that we are looking for.

If u are looking for a permanent spot in our clan u made the right choice.


PrisonersofwarUS is the BEST COD CLAN!



Join the best cod clan PoW



We are a max level 50 clan!


We have 2 clans 180+ members!


We made top 20 in clan-ops 5 times, top 100 more than 20 times!


We have PoW gold clan tags!


We have all clan level Emblems and Titles!


We do monthly prizes!


We have youtube channel!


We have mlg/gamebattles team!


We have our own facebook group!


We have our own website!



Join now at www.prisonersofwarus.com