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Just been checking the maps for Black Ops 2. Any thoughts?

I know we can't really judge without playing, but one thing that kept sticking out is the term "close quarter engagements" on the description for a majority of the maps, and how small they seemed to look. Is this the new map design for future games in the franchise.


I think they got the map size and variety for M1 up to BLOPS just right. Can't see why they are sizing them down so much. I bet it's a clutterfest same as MW3 aswell, e.g. stuck on scenery or blocked with no way of dodging bullets, etc.


Hope it's not just a run and gun game on every map. Not that I camp, i'm always on the move, but I hope it doesn't end up with everyone just running around like usain bolt with marathon and lightweight, and just stabbing each other to death, lol. That's how MW2 ended up after a while.


Just wondered what anyone else thinks.

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    Worried in general...

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    For the same reason they split Ghost up and put it in the same tier. It's what Rushers want and apparently their the only demographic that matters anymore

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    Most of the maps in Black Ops are small. If they bring back any map style it should be from the original Modern Warfare or World at War.


    If I remember correctly most of the maps in Modern Warfare 2 were pretty small. There where some that were more open than others, but I think thats when they started paying more attention to the small, close qaurters, maps and not making any larger ones.


    My favorite gamemode, War, was taken out simply because of the map design. Back before Black Ops came out there was a thread about bringing War back, one of the Devs responded by saying that the maps weren't right for the gamemode. Later after playing the game I saw what they meant, there aren't many open spaces. Most of the maps force players to be incredibly close to eachother, and the big maps make sniping a nightmare because the open spaces are constantly covered by obstacles.


    I've played Modern Warfare 3 enough, (I don't own it), to see how crappy and tiny all the maps are. It is unfortunate but this is the way this franchise is going. Fortunately I have Battlefield that has good open maps, but I also do enojoy playing Call of Duty but these maps just dont have any tactical aspect at all. 

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    You can never know how it's going to be unless you play it I guess. I'm just hoping it turns out to be a great game.

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    had same fear when i saw map description, and some map descriptions that look similar. i hope tehy dont remake MW3's mistake. at best i see good map design but with the big maps taken out so with overall less veriety.

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    I'm actually thinking about canceling my pre-order for the following reasons.


    Snipers got fu<ked

    Most maps are small

    Almost no sniper maps

    Ghost is stupid. They should have just made it like uav jammer/camoflauge from cod4 and waw which was perfectly fine. No one ever b1tched about uav jammer.


    Hardened edition is a rip off in my opinion. brb paying an extra $20 bucks for a horrible map known as nuketown 2025 which will be the exact same as the original sh1ttown but with different textures and nuketown zombies (which will probabally be fun, but I'm not going to waste $20 on 2 maps)


    If I don't cancel my pre-order, chances are that I will buy the standard version of the game.


    Call of Duty is now dead to me if this game does horrible and I will not, I repeat, will not be buying another Call of Duty game if this one is sh1t (that is even if I decide to buy this game).


    Treyarch shouldn't be dictating how people should play.




    Call of Duty: World at War was the best Call of Duty game in my opinion.


    It had a great variety of maps such as Seelow and Downfall which were great for sniping. Castle was another great map.


    There were medium maps such as upheavel which were great for medium/close quarter combat.


    There were small maps such as Dome (Waw, not Modern Sh1tfare 3)


    There were kind of huge maps such as round house, which was great for almost all playstyles.


    The maps in black ops 2 seem to be limited to small maps only.



    I blame [most of] the people that joined the Call of Duty community when Modern Warfare 2 came out.


    Ever since Modern Warfare 2, the community has not been the same. Sure there were noobs before modern warfare2, but they were a different breed of noobs. The funny kind. Now, we just have people who complain because they got killed by someone due to their lack of awareness and the need for them to play the role of Pac-Man.


    This is what is wrong with the current community (in my opinion):


    People complain about campers and want to take the easy way out by complaining about them, rather then trying to figure out ways to overcome them.


    People think that their playstyle is the only one that matters.


    People troll by trapping players in corners and teamkilling.


    Little kids who swear, scream, and call other people "tryhards" which is by far one of the most stupid gaming terms I have ever heard. The purpose is to win, of course I'm going to try.


    Teenagers and adults who swear and scream


    People that blast music throught their headsets


    Trash talkers


    Teenagers/kids who think that quickscoping is "cool" and if you don't do it, then you must suck. They cannot admit that it is all aim assist and luck. Quickscoping takes no skill. I did it in a private match with one of my friends and after a min. I was good at exploiting the aim assist, or as others would call it "quickscoping".


    Players who quickscope and think they are "1337" and then end up losing games for the team because their final score was 4-30, especially game modes such as team death match


    Split screeners or as I like to call them "Sh1tscreeners"


    Players who use noobtubes for the sole purpose of p1ssing people off. In MW3 I was playing hc and the whole enemy team was using xm25's because they thought it was funny.


    Players who call snipers campers when they don't realize that snipers aren't supposed to be running around.


    Red dot chasers... Pacman---> (< - - - - - - - -

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      Good post. Good points. Agree with everything you are saying.


      I keep thinking about cancelling my order for BLOPS 2 aswell but have decided to give it a chance. Will definately be last COD I buy if it turns out like MW3 though.

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      Agreed. I miss Corrosion, Sub Pens type maps. Seelow, I think was good for its time, well I could've done without tanks.

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      y i play the wii version. the community is ALOT better. MW3 has hacking problems, BO has few. much less campers, much less people who cuss you out or try to piss others off.


      i call tryhards the people who use OP weapons/perks to win(thus beting people who are better at teh game than them but playing more fair). not those who used balanced stuff. it is stupid when someone uses the term on someone who is just good at the game anyway.


      out of 15 maps, only 2-3 should be small(i mean firing range small) 2-3 should be large(and good for sniping). and rest should be ruffly medium sizes. they should also support a veriety of playstiles, some sniping, some CQB, some allround, ect. other htings is many maps should not be a square, rectangle, or circle. giving a map a oddshape helps wiht map design, if you notice almsot all MW3 maps are just squares.


      most of my good memories are WaW and MW2. snipers would be screwed by map design, instead of the mechanic this time around, BO did get the quickscope=noscope right.


      as long as their is no 'i win guns' and everyplaystile can be easily countered by another playstile then the game should be fine.  


      im also getting the WiiU version because ti will likly have a better community than the xbox(and other games)

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    MW2 had a few large maps (Afghan, Derail, Wasteland, Underpass) - the only really small ones were Scrapyard and Rust. As far as sniping went, you could snipe (properly; none of this QS nonsense) on those plus Rundown, Invasion and Highrise. It was by FAR the best CoD map wise (granted, Rust sucked). However, if they have past maps use MW2 ones (Highrise 2025, anyone?)


    I hope Black Ops 2 has a few large ones and the descriptions are a bit off. However, in general Treyarch small maps > IW small maps, and the fact that map design will be BO, not MW, based is a bit of a relief. Remember Shipment and how bad that was?! It made Noobtown look almost playable.

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    I'm also worried about the maps in black ops 2 from watching the gameplays it seems like the maps in bo2 are very similar to mw3 maps .  Sniper rifles are my favourite weapon classes I felt I couldn't use them effectively in mw3 because the maps were so clustered the only maps that I could snipe on was interchange, lockdown, hardat (somewhat), mission and bakaara and those maps didn't have the best sight lines. So quickscoping in a way becomes essential because the maps don't support traditional sniping I was really hoping bo2 maps were going to be like bo1 and waw maps those maps supported a variety of playstyles.

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    I dont know if anyone here has watched the Gamescom video's, well worth it to get a good idea about the maps.  From what I saw the maps are large enough that you dont re-spawn on top of each other or directly in front of the enemy; that certainly didn't happen in the matches I watched.  I think there is a mix of map sizes, but even the bigger maps seem to be built around "corridors" or one route only type of thing.  The maps definitely appeared to be an improvement on the MW3 experience.

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    From what I have seen I like the map's less clutter then MW3 maps which is a plus

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    I like Rust, Firing Range, Nuketown, Shipment, Dome, Hardhat do i want every single map to be like them No Not at all this worried me too

    we will see i would like to have that perfect choice that black ops had

    Small (2 mAPS)

    Medium (lots)

    Large (good amount)