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~+~ ChromeTactics - Recruiting All - ChromeTactics ~+~

Hello Everyone!


I am here to advertise a level 8 ELITE PS3 clan!


Currently, the only requirement to join our clan is you must be at least level 65, prestige 0.


All entry forms will be accepted within the day of the application.


The ETA of getting a gold clan tag is around 6 weeks. If you stay in the clan untill then, and help us do the clan challenges, You will never be kicked.


Our clan tag is currently "CrTc"


The clan is called "ChromeTactics"


Link to clan: https://elite.callof...an/view/3330683


You MUST have a PlayStation Network account, AND a Call of Duty: ELITE clan to join. Once you ahve joined, Are are logged in, Click the button at the top-right of the clan page, to send in an application. Say whatever you like in the application letter