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Would like a Honest and Straight Answer from Activision about Xbox exclusive deal over PS3?


I think a straight and honest answer as to why the deal was made again to allow Xbox to have DLC first would at least settle some people down.  What ever the reason is I think PS3 users deserve at least that much.  If it's truly about the money then I would like to know that is the reason.  I know a few will post of course its about the money but would rather hear it come from Activistion them self.  I'm not an idiot and a good busness deal is just that a good one.  And If the reason is truly about the money then say so.  I wont blame you for it.  It wont affect my choice about buying the game or buying the DLC.  I had a Xbox and PS3 at one point but realized I only played Halo on Xbox so I traded it off.  Which was a good deal for me.  Just would like Activision to come clean to PS3 users why we still have to wait for the DLC again.  We pay the same price for the game and DLC but due to deal between to company's it again is the consumer that pays the final price.