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have you encountered cheaters?

i have always used a stinger as my 2ndary weapon, with that i've put down over 800 helicopters and such..my favorite is the hind since it's very easy to put down. but recently,i believe i have had encountered a cheater. he managed to call in 2 attack helicopters in one game,and everytime i would fire a missile i wondered why none of them was hitting (i fired a total of 4 stinger HOMING missiles). None of the missiles hit a concrete or anything that would block its path. and on my third missile, i saw the hind sway way of my missile like its an AH-6! i was like WTF!?!?!?!...it only proved my point when i SAW my final missile miss the chopper by going the other way, as if the chopper has FLARES or something! ****! i know the tough targets.like the predator, ac130, escort airdrop, which has flares

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    It's strange that you mention that, my friend was playing yesterday and two of his stinger missiles missed the cobra. Later that day though, everything was fine and it never happened again. I never thought people could hack any of the killstreaks, if that's the case they could do other things like extended air time, and infinite flares.

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    Quick answer:


    No, that´s not a cheat! It´s been changed with Update 1.23!

    All Fighter-Helicopters are normally equipped with flares and staff in reality! Now it´s made more effectivily!


    To shoot a Chopper now you sometimes need two Stinger-rockets - and let me tell you when and when not:


    1. If the Helicopter (it does not matter which one (Cobra, Hind or AH-6)) is approaching to the map, one Stinger will do it´s job if you

    can shoot straight in his front! The flares can´t be deployed towards the Helicopters, just on his back!


    2. If the Helicopter has reached the map, you need to be right in front of it to succeed with one Stinger - or better: just below him!


    3. The more distance between you and the Helicopter, the more you are in his back or on his side, the bigger the chance for him to deploy flare or staff successfully (for the first Stinger only)!


    I´ve shot down more than 1,000 Helicopters already...

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    my brother actually go into a hacked lobby in KC if you pick the tags you get like tons of points. there was this level 16 prestige 1 guy that got to level 80 in one game. I notice that my brother went to place 900s in the leaderboard, when before the match he was on 72000s

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    Got into a KC game a few days ago on Outpost and the idiots were super jumping up to the top of the mountains. That was it for me as far as mw3 goes. Done with that garbage. Took em awhile to start that crap tho. Now that it's here,and Black Ops is 11 days away,i suspect NOTHING will be done about it. RIP MW3..

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    The hackers are going to find a way to exploit these games as long as the developers keep allowing it with lax security measures and/or former or current employees possibly "leaking" codes and such. Hackers hack because they can and low life cheaters follow along. Thats just my opinion and you don't have to agree with it.


    I've seen some "anomalies" over the last 5 years, some were easily indentifed as cheats, alot were contributed to what most people call lag. May not be in this case but with all the leaderboard cheats poping up the last several weeks, it wouldn't surprise me.


    You can say what you want, but no one can convince me that PSN isn't throttling back our internet connection to this game. Networks like PSN, XBOX , PC... along with all internet service providersjust  can't handle millions of people, all at once (just on video games) with either crappy, mediocre or great internet and have everyone synced perfectly.

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    yes i have and its called a clan

    clans are the biggest cheaters in mw3

    beceause they use lagg against us lol