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If you wanna play with some older mature people lol


Hey we got a great clan with dedicated people who play every day and night all throughout. We like to chill and clown a lot . We enter in every challenge and pretty much get what we play for. We rarely lose games and everyone's just really cool to play with. We are 33 deep at the moment but are willing to add a few new recruits who sound interested and can meet the requirements. Most of us are in age range 20 -30 so we prefer no little kids. We help each other and during challenges and competitions we do or play anything else until they are completed. If your not willing to help or play something else during an op your out . Like I said we are dedicated playing who have been playing together for years . We pay a lot of money to play and hold competitions and giveaways to our members.


Clan requirements


2.0+ KDR / Win Ratio


16 +


5000 + kills


Must have a mic


Must live in the USA


NO BOOSTING OR CHEATERS Your Gone automatically .


We are a LEGIT clan so don't try nothing stupid


Our clan level is 50


Ps3 $!Ly clan / Facebook


We are a PS3 clan and we are all getting black ops 2 because we all pre ordered and most of us got care package / hardened editions


Are you dedicated and determined to be the best with us...????