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Let´s Strike back Hackers ´n Cheaters!


Hey there,


are you fed up of all those hackers ´n cheaters?

Do you want IW really fixing the Leaderboards?

Do you want them to be forced to sue everyone using the hack or hacking himself?


Let us, the legit players of CoD stay together as one!

Let us start a strong community to tell everyone who´s hacking or cheating: We don´t want you!


Let us report everyone who´s using the hack!

Let us leave hacked lobbies immidiately - all together!

Let us file their names and Clans!


Start yourself reporting everyone who obviously used the hack, you can  discover in your ranking pages 2 above and 2 below you! 


Let us show IW-Enforcers we are going serious! We´ve paid - so we´ve got the right to fight against hackers, cheaters - and lazyness!


Who´s with me? You!!

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    Im with you in reporting them but the game creators + Sony have a more serious issue. Stoping them from the get go.


    Good idea though.

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    good post thread - a few times i have been too lazy to do anything about cheaters/boosters... i will try and make much more of an effort to report these idiots now tho, i know it wont really make much difference, and i know IW prob can do little about it, but the cheaters should be allowed to think they can just ruin it for everyone.

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    I'm with you, man! Hopefully the IW-Enforcers are with us too! They've got a lot of work to do.... But i fear that their budget for service is exhausted...

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    I´m happy to see that 400 people have read this thread already - and some commited they will be with my task!


    Tonight I had contact to Activision-Support - and they assured me that the developers are really working on the cheat/hack

    and they really will fix it - and they want to fix the leaderboards as well!


    This means to us: Keep on going! Even more when it´s been fixed! We all need to report hackers and cheaters immidiately to

    IW-Enforcers on Twitter when we´ve discovered them!

    We all need to tell hackers/cheaters what we think about them - and we will leave their lobbies all together - so they probably won´t

    have a full match completed!


    Please feel free to tell your friends in CoD and your Clan-Mates to support this issue!


    Let´s start to enlight those hackers/cheaters on Youtube - maybe someone feels like founding an own channel for those videos?!


    Let us, the legit players, make them feel that we ain´t find it funny what they do with CoD!


    Thank you all.


    Take care!

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    I, like you am tired of the straight up hackers, but I am also tired of this B.S. referred to as lag.  It's not lag when someone intentionally forces there network traffic into delayed burst transmissions.  Like the above poster said, they can't even fix this issue, which is a really simple one-what makes you think they give a damn about hacking. All they care about is the cha-ching $$.  Well, after having to host three back to back matches of I'm gonna go 10 and 0 in about 30 seconds all the while shooting people who seem to not even realize I'm there scenarios, I for one say to hell with Black Ops 2. I'm going to find some better way to spend my time and money.  In truth, I only play this game from time to time in short bursts, but this is ridiculous.  Ever heard of time stamps Activision??  Packet rate enforcement?? In truth these problems have existed for some time with all of us premium internet subscribers, everyone else is just realizing it with the upgrade that cable and lots of DSL subscribers got (ehem docsys 3.0, cough - U-verse 2.0 Mbps upstream - cough) somewhat recently.


    Torrent upstreaming and wireless lag switching have been a round for a long time.  I, for one, am tired of the B.S. excuse of match making fairness.  Hell, I've hosted games where people less than 50 miles from me can't manage a solid three bar connection but can still manage to carry a 2.0+ k/d ratio, can you imagine that?


    Please forgive the gripe session, but host advantage became a myth about 2/3 of the way through Cod 4's life cycle.  It only is a reality in W@W anymore, and that game is so badly hacked that this post might get removed due to the mere mentioning of it.

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      Sorry AR-76, we all know about the matchmaking/ Lag issues - but that´s not the matter with reporting Hackers/Cheaters I think!


      Sure, Lag-switching can be cheating (and I agree with you, that this is done by some idiots!) - but:

      No one can bring a real proof! if someone does it on purpose - or he just has an poor internet-connection or poor router configurations!


      Anyway: If someone is living just 5 Miles or 5,000 Miles away from you, does not really matter! You´ll never know which way the game-data will take around the world of the internet!! The only fact we know: They will take the way of the less resistance - that could be from New-York via Tokyo to Berlin!


      The next factor you can not influence is how much traffic is on your next internet-knot, and how far you are away from it!

      There are so many different factors concerning and influencing every players connection - you will never be able to do it all right!


      I have an 16 MBit/s DSL (which is the most used Flatrate (costs around 30 Euros/month combined with national telephone flatrate & IP-TV) in Germany this time (Cable provides 32 MBit for private Users, 100 MBit is only provided for business users) with 1 MBit/s Upstream - and an PING that´s between 25 and 34 ms most of the time. My PS3 is on DMZ so NAT is "Open".

      In 8 of 10 Matches I have 4 of 4 green-bars.

      But: I´ve been in Lobbies with everyone having 1-2 bars only! Unplayable - needless to say.


      So let´s keep to watch out for the really bad guys who hack the game!


      Do you agree?


      Kind regards from Germany



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    agree completely , like i play over 12-13 days or whatever them bam some guy with 3 hours got better place on leaderboard its crap like i aim to climb leaderboards like worst of all


    50 to buy the game 50 for premium


    thats 100 euro for a game that cant even be maintained like come on