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Almost every game I get reported for no reason. I just need an answer, please?

I consistanty get reported and/or the enemy team rage quits because I supposedly have a "rapid fire controller." It probably doesn't help tht I use extended mags and scavenger on my RSASS.... I hate using the gun because it starts to hurt my finger to pull the trigger so fast so often, but some people just make me so irate that I need to prove a point. I use a normal controller I bought at Walmart, and the only thing unusual about it is that the left stick clicking doesn't register sometimes, which makes sprinting difficult every now and then... I want to know if there is any possible way to prove I don't have a rapid fire controller? I've tried shooting the gun slow when I get kills sometimes, but they always say the same thing: "You just turned your mod off for that kill." I know that nothing will really happen for a bogus report, but it's fairly bothersome.

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    This is a two part post, one for regular controllers and one for rapid fire or modded controllers. Not pointing the finger at you.


    If someone reports you and it is found they are false then dont worry about it. Activision and Microsoft both rely on actual proof that you are cheating, not the amount of reports.


    A rapid fire controller has steady millisecond burst continuously that can be detected by Policy Team members. If the fire rate is not steady they can tell.




    Here is the thing, if you bought a controller from walmart (or anywhere that is not an authorized controller then Microsoft can ban you if using it online. Activision can also have an extended policy that does not allow controllers in their game that Microsoft DOES allow. For THAT you would need to check with the manufacturer or look in the game booklet. But that is IF you have a rapid fire controller, not a regular Microsoft controller.


    If you in any way opened up your controller and modified it even with a peice of tape to help you fire easier you CAN still get banned.


    But No one outside of the Policy Teams can say anything about detection methods, etc. Its all assumption from people on this forum. We cannot tell you if people do or dont get banned, since we dont enforce and neither company will tell you the exact reason you were banned. In this case they would say "you were cheating".




    Search under my name for quotes from microsoft and other quotes on the subject.


    Mute these people and mark them as avoid. Then report them to Microsoft for harrassing text messages if they are sending those. All text messags are permanently stored on the MS servers.


    PS dont talk to them or message them or anything.

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    To the OP - no please do not post your YouTube videos for people to "verify" ie give you view counts.



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    I usually get a message saying 'Reported' after I've had a good game regardlss of what gun I use. Don't use a mod and never will, don't worry about it. Weirdly, I didn't get any when I was using the RSASS to get it gold.