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Mandalorian Mercs (**NEW CLAN**) XBOX360



So here's the situation:


Looking for a few dedicated, mature, FPShooters to start a clan from the ground up.

I already have a page on enjin but that's about it. I'm looking for some members to help run the show with me.

NO RANKS! This is a democracy. Everybody will be treated equally so long as they pull their weight.

This means contributing to discussion, working on the webpage or bringing another asset to the team, and a positive K/D ratio.

This also means regular practice/scrimages before competitive play. We're going to be focused on tactics, not only for gameplay,

but also communication. I'm looking for specialists ie; sniper, close quarter rusher, or support so that you can be utilized in the correct way when competing. Everyone will have a job and be expected to adapt to situations, I like a person who can stick to the game plan but who also knows when to improvise. We will engage in competitive play, as well as just social/fun pick-up games. I’m not looking to make a clan of 100+, I’m looking to start a clan of a few good rag-tag individuals. 


I play COD games on Xbox 360 but I play PC games as well

This clan is a brotherhood (sisters welcome as well) 

We will play other games as times and games change

A microphone is a must.

16+ (there will be foul language)

Have a mindset ready for tactics and strategy discussion even outside of games


Heres the webpage:




Let me know if you have any questions, I look forward to talking to interested participants!